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Managing the rapid pace of technology change and the costs associated with its implementation has risen to the forefront of management consideration. The realization that as IT moves to the core of businesses, planning is essential if systems success and leverage are to be achieved. Strategic Information Plans (IT Master Plans in the airport industry) provide executive management with a prioritized road map and master plan for implementing systems and technology.

DCG has developed many such Plans for public sector entities, and utilizes a structured approach which includes:

  • Assessment of the existing information systems environment, which includes inventory of the applications, platform, desktop and network environment
  • Review and assessment of the direct IT organization and other support resources

  • Critical Success Factor (CSF) analysis

  • Analysis of IT costs/spending against industry benchmarks

  • Technical assessment of key applications

  • Evaluation of technology...


Today, technology is what makes airports work. As technology has become critical and a large element in their capital programs, airport owners are realizing the need to make IT Program Management a discrete and unique component of their program management team -- a role requiring unique skills that traditional engineering and construction management firms do not provide. The role must blend technology planning and design skills with operational and integration/ implementation skills -- including operations and process integration -- to ensure that like systems across multiple projects achieve their integration goals and potential. At the same time, a discrete IT Program Management component provides a logical "check and balance" between the owner and their overall Program Manager to ensure on-going internal IT plans and standards are met/maintained and there is a support and maintenance road map in place to maintain new systems once projects are completed and placed in service.

DCG understands this role and works closely between in-house IT and design and...


DCG provides project management services in support of all life cycle phases of systems implementation, application design, network infrastructure, and business process improvement projects. Our project management services include:

  • Business Analyst / Subject Matter Experts
  • Feasibility/Requirements Study
  • CSI Specifications Development
  • RFP Development / Vendor Evaluation
  • Systems Implementation Services
  • Acceptance Testing/Commissioning
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Procedures Development
  • Training
  • Second Opinion Services​​​


  • Integrated Operations Center (IOC) - Dallas Forth Worth Airport

  • CMMS Functional Requirements Definition (EAM / CMMS) [San Antonio Airport System]
  • Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM / CMMS) [Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corp]
  • ...
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More so than in the private sector, for many of the application needs in the public sector – even mission critical business applications – a suitable third party vendor solution or Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software can be found. We have implemented and/or worked with many of the leading airport specialty system and general back office systems and equipment providers. DCG provides the full umbrella of implementation services to ensure the successful implementation of these solutions - from requirements definition and process improvement, to sourcing,procurement support, implementation, testing, and training.

From time to time, however, custom development services are still required. DCG can also provide a full range of application development, administration, maintenance, and support services for new projects and for installed applications portfolios, including programming support in those cases where our client owns or maintains the source code. Where applications are maintained by third party vendors or under separate support agreements, we frequently serve as...

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In many organizations, the way of doing business evolves by gradually adding and changing processes over a long period of time surrounding the systems that the organization has implemented. When systems change or are upgraded, too often the surrounding processes receive little attention - the system alone is the focus and the expectation is that the new software will fix all problems. For any system to be successful, the underlying processes must be addressed first or in conjunction with new systems.

DCG provides a full range of business process improvement services - from project specific reviews of specific functions in conjunction with new systems implementations or regulatory mandates, to enterprise-wide productivity improvement programs where we help facilitate and train internal staff to conduct their own improvement work; such as in conjunction with a Balance Scorecard initiative.

Our project scopes and approaches encompass organizational policies, regulations, procedures, work tasks, and work methods in order to design highly efficient work flows, staffing...