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Warehouse Facilities and Procurement Planning

DCG completed a comprehensive assessment and provided implementation consulting services to define the requirements -- organization, policy, procedure, systems, and physical facility -- for implementing centralized purchasing and supply warehouse functions in the SCAS environment.

As part of its capital expansion program at Sacramento International Airport (SMF), a building had a change in intended use and management targeted the shell structure for use as a central receiving and supply storage/issuing facility for airport goods. The facility was further envisioned to possibly function as a centralized “commissary” or “dock” facility to screen concessionaire and other vendor shipments destined for the secure areas. As part of the facilities upgrade, senior management also wanted to consolidate and centralize airport purchasing and inventory control functions with a dedicated a Technical Services organization to improve operating and personnel efficiencies and controls.

DCG assessed feasibility, planned and provided project management oversight to implement organization, process, facilities, and systems recommendations, including:

  • Assessed current procurement policies and procedures, at both the Airport System level and the County level (as appropriate), including understanding key “as-is” workflows where appropriate
  • Assessed the current procurement and stores support staffing environment, with specific attention placed on existing resource commitment and staff capabilities
  • Inventoried and reviewed the current technology and automated systems utilized to support existing procurement and supply/storage requirements, including future technology plan.
  • Assessed the feasibility for use of the proposed physical facility shell as a warehouse, central receiving facility, and/or concession screening, and identified any modification requirements
  • Investigated the option of outsourcing warehouse operations to a third party logistics service provider
  • Made recommendations and prepared high level (preliminary) component plans, including the Organization Plan (org chart; position descriptions; staffing levels), Operations Plan (facility design needs; policies/procedures), and Technology Plan (requirements and implementation approach)
  • Developed the action plan and preliminary budget estimates to support the implementation of organization, operations, and system component plans defined through Requirements Study

DCG continued to work with SCAS in Phase 2 to implement the program. Tasks included:

  • Prepared detailed system specifications and related modification and/or procurement documents in including the Scope of work to retain a third party warehouse layout design engineer
  • Prepared Position Descriptions and organization planning documents required to establish and implement the new central Technical Services organization
  • Worked directly with warehouse designer to define equipment requirements and physical layout needs
  • Prepared new “to-be” work flows and business processes, further refining the preliminary procedures outlined within the operations component plan incorporating design decisions
  • Designed and prepared new forms and reports as required to support the “to-be” processes
  • Prepared detailed policies and procedures manual.
  • Assist in implementing system improvements and/or new application deployments. This may involved expansion, modification, or changes to existing systems (e.g. SAP), or new systems may need to be identified and procured
  • Re-implemented the County's COMPASS Warehouse System (SAP), incorporating "material groups" to ensure proper inventory operational support
  • Trained the staff, with an appropriate level of "go live" and post-implementation "hand holding" to ensure processes were properly and smoothly implemented and the new concept quickly stabilized