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Integrated Operations Center (IOC)

Derek Consulting Group is serving as IT Program Manager for the planning, design, construction and systems implementations, and commissioning for the Airport’s new Integrated Operations Center (IOC).

The IOC will be a state-of-the art, fully hardened, 24/7 facility which will consolidate critical airport operating, airport security, and customer service functions in an open and highly collaborative environment supported by integrated communications, new foundational situational awareness systems, and audio-visual distribution technologies. The facility will bring together 80+ positions from 10 Airport business units as well as external agencies (e.g. TSA) and also house the Airport’s 911/PSAP, Security Operations Center (SOC), and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which is manned with up to 65 additional staff in activation. The facility is the most significant technology investment by the Airport for a non-terminal facility and is targeted to open April, 2021.

In its role, DCG is responsible for assisting Executive Management in the overall coordination and timely completion, from an IT project management oversight perspective, of all major technology initiatives consistent with the goals and vision of the IOC. In this role, DCG efforts have included:

. Provided technology strategic planning and requirements/design input for 24/7 high availability services, facility access/support for 13 networks and 150+ systems, position desktop requirements, and requirements for three new core platforms including a Situational Awareness System, Consolidated (#11) Call Center, and Content Distribution/Collaboration System.

. Developed the Concept of Operations document defining the operating vision for the facility including organization, facility requirements, process requirements, technology infrastructure and application system needs, and supportive project requirements.

. Developed the technology budget and participated in the capital approval processes for the facility

. Developed requirements, specifications, and provided procurement support for the new foundational/core systems of the IOC:

- A Situational Awareness System to provide continuous status monitoring and alerting of all aspects of airport operations, as well as a highly integrated, rules-based work flow event/incident management component to provided consistent and structured response to all levels of events across multiple business units

- A Consolidated Call Center platform providing “311”-type services via cloud-based omni-channel call and service request intake including AI-based ChatBots for select agentless call servicing, and standard service request component, integrated with a number of host Airport servicing system, to provide a standard user interface (UI) for agents.

- A Content Distribution System providing visualizations support to multiple video walls on the “shared floor” of IOC, the EOC, and across external networked facilities across the enterprise, including incident command locations via mobile technology.

. Developing the visualization requirements and leading a Visualization Deployment Team responsible for defining and deploying operational metrics, KPIs, CCTV, and GIS/mapping views (with real-time event pinning), including design of select dashboards and “hot” lists for the overall IOC and at the business unit level

. Developing the ConOps and technology support plan for the backup facility to the IOC, as well as providing project management for the start up and migration of the facility

. Providing construction administration support for technology infrastructure and position consoles/ FFE, including coordination of the external agencies (e.g. TSA) that will domicile in the IOC.

. Providing implementation project management of all application systems being installed/accessed in the IOC including three new platforms and 150+ systems being monitored across IOC desktops

. Providing collaborative communication capabilities through new and available technologies including desktop sharing and casting available through the CDS and MS Teams for chat-type and business unit channel communications.

. Providing planning and support for all aspects of training, testing and commissioning, including provisioning an “incubator” for staff training/practice with new systems and conducting an ORAT post move in and prior to the final opening to fully exercise all staff /systems in the installed environment.