Enterprise Asset Management

DCG worked with HAS management to provided strategic visioning and define the program framework for an Enterprise Asset Management Program (EAM) encompassing a "cradle to grave" management perspective of airport assets. The program initiative involves organization realignment, process improvement, systems assessment of the multiple asset-data related systems across the airport, selection of new systems platforms as appropriate, and system implementation assistance. DCG is now serving as systems implementation Program Manager for the new EAM initiative. Project elements included:

  • Defined/confirmed business and functional framework for the EAM Program and its maintenance management requirements specifically including service requests, work orders, preventative maintenance, utilization tracking, and replacement planning and associated reporting
  • Worked with HAS senior management to define strategies for Program implementation which included establishment an Asset Management organization function in PDC to manage asset strategy and replacement planning ,and definition of parallel program activities to define EAM strategic priorities and a rapid deployment systems implementation approach/plan.
  • Served as Project Manager to implement Phase 1 – Pilot Implementation of Infor at Ellington Airport. The project deadline was 90 days to procure and implement the system, including:
    • Facilitated a HAS Selection Team which recommended Infor EAM as the replacement EAM platform. We then procured the licenses for the pilot Phase
    • Facilitated workshops with EFD, IAH and HOU staff to define asset hierarchy; compile initial asset inventory; define initial business processes for service request and work order processing, including preventative maintenance work orders, and initial reports
  • Served as Project Manager for Phase 2 of the EAM Program which replaced the old MicroMain System at IAH and HOU with the new INFOR platform. The project had a six (6) month deadline which was successfully completed, following a similar approach as executed for EFD
    • Coordinated and tested version upgrades to the INFOR database
    • Facilitated workshops to further define standards for equipment categories, classes, and locations
    • Developed set of desk reference manuals and conducted advanced training to multiple levels of users
    • Configured additional key performance indicators and custom reporting to track key HAS metrics
    • Collected utilization information and procured additional INFOR licenses; implemented less expensive requestor licenses for some user groups
    • Expanded asset inventory and Preventive Maintenance plans for all 3 airports

Migrate Service Contractor Maintained Systems to EAM

As part of the EAM initiatives, DCG served as Project Manager to migrate assets and work order processing from two of the Airport’s largest O&M service contractor's asset and work order systems to the in-house HAS EAM platform.

The goal of this initiative was to consolidate all asset inventory and maintenance information on the owner's EAM platform to provide visibility and asset maintenance and replacement cost information in an effort to manage total cost of ownership (TOC) on a long term and continuing basis, even if service contractors change.

DCG served as Project Manager to migrate Automated People Mover assets and work order management from the O&M contractors system (Bombardier Systems) to the HAS-owned INFOR database.

  • Reviewed existing work order practices and defined new work order and material management processes under the Infor environment
  • Integrated the APM asset hierarchy and location structure into the HAS EAM standards
  • Provide data migration support and upload template support for assets, an extensive library of PMs, PM schedules, and work order history of selected assets
  • Implemented barcoding support for materials management processes
  • Configured and implemented iPad -ased mobile application paperless work order completion
  • Developed set of tailored desk reference manuals to support user training
  • Developed custom reports to support contract metric tracking requirements
  • Provided on-site training across all shifts, including Go-Lice support for initial period

DCG also served as Project Manager to migrate Central Utility Plant and HVAC assets and work order management from the O&M contractors system (Comfort System USA) to the HAS-owned INFOR database. In addition to similar tasks as above, including mobile services,

  • Mapped and migrated assets from the legacy contractor MAXIMO CMMS to the new platform
  • Developed processes and additional data capture tools to support the CSUSA's RCM program needs
  • Coordinated with HAS contract administrators and service request/communication centers at IAH, HOU, and EFD in an effort to standardize service response protocols, work order entry and key performance indicators for reporting across all HAS facilities
  • Developed additional custom reports to facilitate in new contractor RCM/PdM programs
  • Implemented OSR tracking and support through the EAM system