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EAM Implementation and ERP Integration

DCG was part of a consulting team to perform a re-implementation of Infor EAM enterprise asset management/CMMS software to enhance capability and support integration of the solution with the new ERP system being implemented by AATC.

AATC was formed in 1979 by several major ATL airlines (Delta primary) to operate and maintain the Central Passenger Terminal Complex at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport including systems such as HVAC, general building maintenance, fire alarm/suppression, PA, vertical transportation, utility management, cleaning services, ramp snow removal, and select parking lot services. AATC services more than 65,000 work orders annually.

DCG provided the following services to the Owner/Operator team:

  • Developed a new asset hierarchy and a grid-based location schema, covering 12 major airport systems to include the domestic and international complexes, underground utilities, fleet, parking, and people movers
  • Assisted in the design and implementation of a nine-element cost accounting structure programmed at the individual asset and location level to provide required cost information for allocation under the DOA's airline use agreements and rates and charges modeling. elements included cost center, location (concourse, level), space use category, tenant, system, and project.
  • Evaluated and defined business processes and flows including work orders, PMs, parts/inventory stock items, suppliers, purchase orders, receiving, and a new chart of accounts in support of integration of INFOR EAM with the new ERP (Sage X3)
  • · Mapped and implemented over 30 real time and batch integration points to/from Infor EAM and Sage X3 utilizing web services
  • Defined and implemented a standards-based commodity code structure (UNSPSC) for parts and procurement, adopted for airports, and conducted a cleanup of the existing 15,000 item parts file migrating it to the new structure.
  • Developed comprehensive, tailored user manuals integrating system functionality and new AATC business processes. This included abridged Quick Reference Guides for each manual. Manuals included general navigation, work order entry and processing, preventive maintenance scheduling, parts/materials management, assets, reports, and scheduling modules.
  • Conducted 20+ in-person training sessions with all user groups and across all shifts to cover each Infor module
  • Facilitated conference room pilots for testing ERP system integration and status authorizations/work flows. System configuration of screen design, queries, filters, and user role customization
  • Provided on-call post go-live support to include additional training, troubleshooting, and process review/confirmation to ensure success